Emer International started business in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. and introduced a multiple advanced equipment and technologies to China's oil and gas industry


HHCT, Emer International’s first manufacturing facility, was founded in Xi’an, China and manufactured power control and driving systems for onshore drilling


Emer International's 2nd manufacturing facility, a manufacturing plant for hydraulic ends and accessories of mud pumps, was founded in Qingdao, China


Emer International was listed on GEM of the Stock Exchange


Emer International obtained solid control production line and lifting system product line through the acquisition of Zhengzhou Highlight and Zhengzhou GEAR and became the only company in China that can provide research and development, design and manufacture of lifting device for jack-up rigs


Emer International acquired GME (London AIM), and was rebranded as TSC Offshore, expanded the product line of offshore drilling equipment and acquired the full capability of offshore drilling rigs. It became one of the few companies in the world that could provide the whole package of offshore drilling rigs in parallel with NOV and MH


TSC Offshore transferred its listing to the Main Board of the Stock Exchange


TSC Offshore rebranded as TSC Group

In the same year , China International Marine Containers became a strategic shareholder of TSC Group


The Company constructed high spec R-550D jack-up drilling rigs with Zentech and CSSC

In the same year, the Company established the Qingdao equipment manufacturing base


China Merchants & Great Wall Ocean Strategy & Technology Fund (L.P.) became the controlling shareholder of TSC Group in February 2018

The Hong Kong Strategic Headquarters was established in July 2018

In December 2018, two CJ46 drilling rigs were bareboat chartered to SMS to provide services to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, marking a breakthrough in strategic transformation


Minsheng Trust became a strategic shareholder of the Company in February 2019

In the same year, TSC Group Holdings Limited was officially renamed as CMIC Ocean En-Tech Holding Co., Ltd.

In May 2019, the sale of two units of CJ46 rigs to Shelf was completed. The overseas team won the contract for the offshore rig service project of Pemex in relation to provision of two units of JU2000E rigs to the other party


In the first half of 2020, Zhengzhou Company successfully secured orders for two sets of lifting systems for offshore wind power installation vessels, and has accumulated orders for four sets of similar products

In August 2020, the Company signed a global settlement deed with Huangpu Shipbuilding for the H6001 and H6006 projects, through which Huangpu Shipyard became a strategic shareholder of the Company

In October 2020, the land sale contract of Qingdao offshore base was officially signed, effectively revitalizing the idle assets of the Company


In 2021, TSC China and CM Industry Group actively promoted the development of strategic cooperation in offshore wind power installation

Latest improvements gained in 2021:

•CMIC Hydrogen Energy Segment Company(華商氫能板塊公司) was established, and  CMIC Green Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. (“GHT”)  was established

•CMIC Green Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. entered into an agreement with Tan Kah Kee Laboratory of Xiamen University to establish a joint venture “CMIC Xia Kah Green Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd.(華商廈庚氫能技術(廈門)有限公司)”

• In 2021, the Company participated in the CMHI-27201 wind power installation vessels project of CM Industry Group, the first deep-water highpower wind power installation platform with independent intellectual property rights in China, to provide core complete sets of equipment and technology integration