Asset Management and Services Division

International Asset Management

The International Asset Management Division provides integrated value-added charter services as a complete solution for Owners to meet their primary objectives to ensure:

1.    Physical security and operational integrity of assets;
2.    Financial returns secured while sale objective developed; and
3.    Market optimal value optimized to justify higher valuations.

The team brings together capable expertise, gained from close to 30+ year history in managing Offshore Shipbuilding Projects and Major Equipment Packages which provides a strong foundation in the completion of the following key projects  :

•    Reactivation of DSCVs Picasso & Lichtenstein following repossession from previous charterers and subsequently securing of time charter of both vessels with reputable end clients in 2022 and 2023;

•    Bareboat charter, prepare for readiness to drill and delivery to Constructora y Perforadora Latina, S.A. de C.V. for the largest PEMEX Integrated Well Cluster package with 2 units of high specification JU2000E Jack up Drilling rigs in 2019 (Gulf Driller VI & Gulf Driller VIII), and providing procurement solution of operational spares with major drilling and marine suppliers;

•    Bareboat charter to Selective Marine Services Ltd in 2018, sale and delivery to ADNOC Drilling Ltd of 2 units of high specification CJ-46 Jack up Drilling rigs in 2022 (SMS Faith & SMS Mariam);

•    Bareboat charter in 2019 to Shelf Drilling Ltd and subsequent sale to ADNOC Drilling in 2021 of 2 units of high specification CJ-46 Jack up Drilling rigs (Bestford 3 & Bestford 4);

•    Completion of sale in 2019 of 2 units of high specification CJ-46 Jack up Drilling rigs (Bestford 5 & Bestford 6) to Shelf Drilling Ltd;

•    Technical management of specialised vessels

The CMIC Offshore Asset Management team is based in Singapore and is made up of a team of experienced professionals with successful track record of managing and delivering projects for the energy sector. The team coordinates execution in an agile manner, where engineering and offshore services resources within the CMIC Group are required and also coordinates closely with other China Merchant Group and China Merchant Industry companies as required to deliver projects successfully and effectively to a wide range of international clients.

The team is experienced in a comprehensive range of asset management services including asset reactivation, refurbishment, preparation for readiness to drill on delivery, charter management, supervision and maintenance. The team is also conversant and experienced in managing sales, leasing and financing facilities required to support projects.

The team currently operates a fleet of high-specification offshore assets including jack-up drilling rigs and DSCVs, and has successfully assisted shipowners and charterers to qualify and secure contracts for offshore assets.

In addition to the mentioned comprehensive chartering and support, the team provides follow-up supply of operational spares and maintenance to ensure continued efficient operation of assets.

The ultimate objective of the CMIC Offshore Asset Management team is met when value of offshore assets are well positioned, continually maintained at highest standards and marketed at appreciative values.

The CMIC Offshore Asset Management team has successfully completed in total 8 units of high-spec jack-up rigs (CJ46 and JU2000E) and 2 units of Diving Support Vessels over the past 5 years and has successfully met and exceeded expectations of vessel owners and clients.