CM Energy Debuts at Hydrogen Technology Expo North America, Alkaline Electrolyzer Products Gain Potentials
Publish Date:2024-07-02

26-27 June, 2024, CM Energy (0206.HK) and its associate company, HuaXia Hydrogen Technology Co. Ltd (‘HX Hydrogen’) have successfully exhibited its in-house developed high efficiency alkaline electrolyser, key components and total solutions in the Hydrogen Technology Expo North America, held in Houston, Texas, USA. 

Since the first event in 2022, the Hydrogen Technology Expo North America has rapidly grown into one of the most important events of the North America hydrogen industry. This year, it held 5 conferences tracks, with a record number of more than 400 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors, covering the full value chain of hydrogen industry, including supplier of raw materials, hydrogen production devices, storge system, fuel cells and hydrogen applications. Hydrogen project developers, government representatives as well as universities and research institutes are also participated.

In this event, CM Energy has showcased HX Hydrogen in-house designed, developed and manufactured high efficiency alkaline electrolyser, hydrogen production system and the total solutions for utilizing solar, wind energy producing green hydrogen off-grid. High efficiency by its unique design, while the total solutions target the most asked question of the industry: tailored solutions, from the power source to the hydrogen production, based on project conditions. After interesting and in-depths discussions with colleagues and experts across the industry, many potential cooperations are initiated.

Committed to energy transition, CM Energy has heavily invested in green energy technology and equipment: WindWing rigid wind propulsion system (in cooperation with BAR Technologies), green methanol production&trade and alkaline electrolyer hydrogen production system. Utilizing its strong global presence, participating projects worldwide, CM Energy brings both social and economic values to all of its stakeholders.