Energy Equipment Division

Mud Systems

TSC is a professional and reputable mud system manufacturer. TSC's mud systems are designed to improve drilling rates and reduce costs, through the efficient removal of drilled solids.
  • Shale Shaker

    TSC shale shakers utilize a traditional equipment design with modern operational equipment to meet a ...

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  • Mud Cleaner

    TSC mud cleaners are designed to improve mud pumping efficiency. TSC mud cleaners are an ...

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  • Centrifuge

    TSC HCF centrifuges are used in a wide range of seperation, slurry laden fluid and ...

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  • Mud Gas Separator

    The TSC HLGS mud gas separator is designed primarily for the removal of entrained gas, ...

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  • HV & HVV Vacuum Degasser

    The TSC HV series vacuum degasser is an indispensible equipment used in gas wells, prospect ...

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  • Mud Agitator

    TSC mud agitators are an important part of the mud solids control system. TSC offers ...

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  • Jet Hopper

    The TSC cyclone mud mixer is used to efficiently mix treating fluid with the mud.

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