Energy Equipment Division

Drill Floor Equipment

TSC provides a wide variety of equipment for use on the drill floor. TSC drill floor equipment assists in the movement and jointing of tubulars.
  • Rotary Table

    TSC RT series rotary table is provided with high reliability and serviceability. The rotary table ...

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  • Iron Roughneck

    TSC engineers and manufactures a range of hydraulically powered iron roughnecks for making-up and breaking-out ...

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  • Drill Line Spooler

    TSC drill line spoolers form an integral part of the drilling system package. The spoolers ...

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  • Cathead

    TSC catheads provide the force necessary to make up and breakout drill pipes and collars. ...

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  • Hydraulic Power Unit

    The hydraulic power unit (HPU) is a critical part of the handling system’s operations. TSC ...

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  • Personnel Access Basket

    The TSC personnel access basket is a telescopic arm with a personnel basket designed for ...

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  • Mud Bucket

    The TSC mud bucket is used during wet trip or back reaming. During operation, the ...

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